September 2021 Minutes

@working-group :
Meeting links here: September_2021 – Google Drive


Nipuni presented the group with a few ideas to continue the discussion on DEI. We discussed the key legislature that protects disability rights in SL and elsewhere, the changing nature of how diversity is viewed and how we can frame diversity for design practice.

Key discussion points:

  • All knowledge is socially constructed - readings from the Frankfurt school
  • Everything can change for the better.
  • “Culture Industry” - physical structures, movies, products etc that reinforce the status core.
  • What is considered ‘normal’? Who are we oppressing?
  • Merit based culture in Sri Lanka — a way of viewing disability or circumstance as a product of fate?

Planning for ‘Intro to’ event

  • An event where people from our community and new members can present projects and discuss in a more informal setting
  • How can we talk about individual designers without it sounding like a marketing effort?
  • Can we use personas or archetypes?


  • Bold conversations?
  • Personalized emails to new members?

SM management
@Ben to help out figuring out SM automation (Canva or Hootsuite)

More casual conversations for the wider community

  • Coffee and Fun! for the 1 year anniversary?


  • Everyone please add to your email contacts.
  • Monthly meeting time will be pushed back to 10.30 am SL time due to more of our folks being in different time zones! — please voice out any objections.