March 2021 Session

Here’s the Zoom recording of the meeting in case you missed it!

Passcode: 8UN!CyKh

A quick recap


Ranga’s awe-inspiring presentation on her work and aspirations as a retail designer provoked a ton of questions!
Next, Dilina took us on a deep dive into different structures of organizations, drawing from a variety of political and social structures to get us thinking about what kind of structure might work for us. We also discussed how we share a fairly common set of goals (our current working goals), but how the strategies we propose to get there might be different.


We visualized and discussed " What is my personal strategy framework to fulfil the goals of our community?"
Each of us took 10 minutes to make a visual sketch/diagram (the collection of which, is our cover photo for this email!) and then presented our idea to the group. Find the diagrams here (and add your own!)


Nilukshi presented her short research into "How might a mentor/mentee relationship for two designers look like?"
Afterwards we had a quick discussion into some of the pros, cons and ‘things to consider’ in creating mentorship programs for designers.

What’s happening now and what you can do.

A. There is homework from the SPECULATING activity!

  1. If you missed this month’s session we dearly invite you to add your own diagram here.
  2. To everyone participating in the April session, use your personal strategy diagram as a foundation to envision a public programme/event/engagement you could do.
    This programme/event/engagement should stem from your personal vision for our community.
    Your task is to pitch it to the community in the April session!

B. The Young Designer’s Study is underway.
Please contact Chani or Piyum if you want to contribute to it in any way.

C. Would you like to have a regular communication channel within this community?
We decided to take a poll on IF you want to have a regular communication channel, and what you would like it to be. The goal is to have a more democratic and easily accessible communication channel, where anyone can post any questions, interesting ideas and thoughts you might have. A place where we can keep the conversation going!

Next session is on April 26th and 9.30 am.

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