January 2022 Minutes

The meeting was held physically AND virtually.
The physical meeting location was 27, Palmyrah Av, Col 03.
Meeting was held from 10.30 am to 1 pm.

Ranga, Ben, Thisal, Indika, Shanaka (new attendee, interior designer at Odel) and Nipuni were present physically. Piyum and Samangi (new attendee, Lecturer of Interaction Design, UoJ were present virtually.

Here is a copy of the presentation slides.

The following were the major points of discussion.

  • Edit the section where we talk about ‘what design means to us’, find better wording than tangible objects.
  • A sentence that says we acknowledge the complexity of the problems we set to solve
  • Add design research and education explicitly as points of interest for the group
  • Define what we mean by ‘better’ life in Sri Lanka
  • Reduce sentences that only state factual content

It’s too long. Summarize!
Audience for the manifesto: Internally > US, externally> people who are willing to join the community
This discussion was a result of the group thinking that some of the words and phrases used may be too unfamiliar for people who are not familiar with design.
We also wanted to steer clear of words loaded with business and marketing content such as ‘innovation’.


General comments and goals for 2022

  • Increase membership. Get more people involved!!
  • Make meetings shorter. Break down topics and have separate meetings.

Comments on Design Forum

  • Hard to navigate and find the latest topic of interest
  • Font and graphical layout can be better. Can we improve the UI since this is open source?
  • How can we increase engagement?
  • Good as a repository of our conversations

Division of community responsibilities
Community management: Thisal volunteered to help Nipuni.
Ranga: Financial management
Indika: Social media design

Need folks to fill the following responsibilities as well.

  • Social media management
  • Editing the newsletter and other written content

Please add anything that’s missed in the comments below.

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