January 2021 Session

Well, we’ve survived another month. Thank you to all who participated and in case you missed it, here’s the link to the recording.


Dhyresh joined us for the first time (Welcome Dhyresh!). After his introduction, we dived right into Chani’s presentation. She gave us great insights into the deeper values that govern her practice and teaching. Thanks Chani! We’re excited about everything that you’re working on.

After that we jumped into a branding exercise led by Dilina, where each of us brainstormed names for this group plus a ‘log-line’ that succinctly explained what this group is about. This was done to make sure that we keep the front facing end of the group in sight, while we carefully formulate our internal structure and dynamics.
We generated some really cool names and log-lines, please check them out here! No decisions made. Thoughts and comments are most welcome!
Dilina’s presentation (the introduction to the exercise) is here. (It draws on storytelling and script writing, trust me it’s super cool. -N)

What’s happening this month

The entry-level designers study:
Piyum and Chani will be taking the lead on this. They will be meeting before our next meeting to discuss how to take this off the ground. If YOU would like to also take a lead role, please contact them directly. They will update us on a game plan next time.
Also, please keep adding participants to this document.

Design Educators Forum:
Discussions are underway with Pathum and Akuru Collective on how we, as a group, might collaborate on this. Expect updates in the February session.

The February Session!
Happening on Sunday, February 28th, 9.30 am SL time.

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