February 2021 Session

First off, here is the Zoom recording for our February meeting.

Passcode: 9hd.3y#N

Here’s a quick recap.
The meeting kicked-off with an out-of-this-world presentation by Ben, who gave us a generous glimpse into the world of Concept Design and his own unique approach to it.
Dhyresh presented next, explaining how he draws from multiple disciplines such as behavioural economics and psychology to create his own unique design process.
Indika then conducted a brand exploration activity that gave us more tools to have a conversation around what our group brand could be.
Piyum presented a brief outline of the Young Designers Study. Chani and Piyum will conduct a separate session to prep everyone interested in participating in it as a researcher. Please contact them directly if you’re interested.

We discussed and debated.

The above visual gives a macro-level recap of what we have been doing as group so far. Let’s head into March introspecting (what are we learning from the process-sharing?), envisioning (what does an ideal group structure & function look like?) and debating (what can we offer the wider design community, the public and the world?).

Stay tuned for a detailed agenda! We’ll meet on 28th March from 9.30 am to 11.00 am SL time.

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