December 2020 First Session

Hi everyone!

First, thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday for an amazing discussion. If you missed it, or want to recap, here is the link to the ZOOM recording. (Passcode: $*b16d.$)

We’ll be meeting again on Sunday January 3rd, 2021 (time TBD) so please save the date!

Quick Recap and Next Steps

We brainstormed on the question: What would your DREAM design community look/ feel/ work like? Here is the link to the Miro board we put our ideas on.

We discussed key ideas that could shape this community and the goal for our next meeting is to find things that we can easily execute in the near future (lazy steps) that could gradually take us to our bigger vision.

We formulated 10 How Might We questions from our main discussion themes as follows. (They are not prioritised)

We hope you will use these prompts to think about what we can do as a community.
Go crazy!

How might we support entry level designers?

How might we challenge conventional design education?

How might we create a new culture of design feedback and design criticism?

How might we create better access to design resources and processes?

How might we formulate an identity for Sri Lankan design in the world?

How might we create spaces (physical/ virtual/ philosophical) for designers?

How might we expand design into the government, non-government and social sectors?

How might we apply design in policymaking?

How might we create a code of ethics for designers?

How might we establish industry standards for design work?

We hope you are inspired and excited as we are.
See you on January 3rd, 2021!

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