August 2021 Session Minutes

Hi everyone, @working-group

From now on, our meeting minutes will only be posted here. Our ‘newsletter’/ email can be catered more towards general topics that are circling our community. We need to tie that tightly with what’s going on in our social media as well.

August meeting minutes
Meeting was held on 29th August, 9.30 am to 11.30 am IST on Zoom.

Sharing session - None

Speculating session - Piyum presented his design framework on the different ‘levels’ that design can operate in.

Discussions that centred here are:

  • What are different skills involved in each of the levels?
  • In design education, where do we start?
  • Raw skills vs Mindsets
  • Maybe its about people making the decisions, having a ‘Design’ mindset
  • Originality, personality, confidence – in design ed, to handle all 3 levels
  • is Level 3 the ‘dream’? Is there a ‘level 0’ ? where designers are given all the specs and are asked to figure out how it’s made?
  • Some ‘boundaries’ inherently come with the industry we work in.

Strategizing session
Reviewing our post event doc

  1. Diversity & Inclusion: Equal gender representation? Defining goals? * The importance of ‘lived-experience’ - avoiding tokenism
  • There was a lively discussion on how we need to redefine what is ‘good’ / ‘good outcome’. Do we also carry our inherent biases?
  • The necessity of a clear Diversity and Inclusion manifesto/strategy
  1. Planning for future events:
    Event types -

a. Exposing different ‘pathways’ of design: eg. Inclusive design/ Accessibility, Sustainability - once every few months

b. Collaborative events with Akuru Collective - early next year - on how typography intersects with other design disciplines

c. Rapid fire events: introducing different disciplines - more conversation like. Invite people who expressed interest through our form (post event). Get them a chance to meet the community.
Less overhead. Maybe once in 2 months

d. WTD - quarterly event

3. Documents to work on

a. Event ‘How to document’ that summarizes all our learnings and lists accounts
Get an Eventbrite/Meetup account to streamline communications and avoid spamming.

b. Diversity & Inclusion document

c. Manifesto - to keep working on this

4. Arteculate magazine invitation

  • What does the partnership entail?
  • Check what they write and their agenda.
  • Go event by event, not to give exclusive rights.
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To dos:

DEI Document: @anamo and @rangapand either or both of you want to take a lead on this?

Social media: @working-group we need a solid plan and 1 or 2 people to run this. Any thoughts?

Brand work: need to develop our brand @indika any suggestions on a way forward?

Arteculate update: If anyone doesn’t have any objections, I’m going to reach out and say that we’ll go on an event by event basis.

Next monthly meeting: 26th Sep, Sunday (that’s next week)
@dilinaj how are we going to manage the time zone for you?

Next rapid fire event: 3rd week of October? @working-group can we do ‘Introducing Industrial Design’? Not to be biased :smiley: but, it’s a topic that’s not well-known. Thoughts?

ECD Study: @piyumfernando @Nilukshi @Damjith @Thisal any updates to share?


Did this. Awaiting reply from Enosh.

Update: Enosh seems cool with the project by project arrangement