April 2021 Session

We held the April meeting on 25th April.

Here are the Zoom recordings.


Pathum presented a glimpse into his type design process and all the cool (and awe-inspiring) projects he is up to these days. Ranga figured that she had a huge collection of vintage magazines which had amazing typography, collected by her grandfather!


We discussed ideas for our upcoming public event/programme. All the discussed ideas can be found here.
From our conversation emerged the idea that we can try to form a programme around the theme, "Why I didn’t hire a designer”


We got a quick recap from the Young Designers Study group. They are now working with 6 design students to conduct the research interviews.
PS: The group conducted preliminary interviews over the past 2- 3 weeks and we are very excited about the outcomes! Stay tuned for more news from this end!

What you can do now

  1. Create your own programme centred around the theme, “Why I didn’t hire a designer” Look at the ideas from the community for inspiration and use this worksheet as a guide.
    We would love to discuss your idea! Collectively, we will finalize the programme direction in the May session.

  2. Take the comms channel survey and help us decide how best to keep our community connected. We really do need your voice in making this decision!

May 2021 Meeting

Will be on 30th May, at 9.30 am SL time. Await the agenda!

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